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Wednesday, November 18th 2020

Holiday Update Announced - Nov. 19th!

The Holiday update has been announced, enjoy Turkey day on November 26th and Toy Day on December 24th. A few characters are returning to the game from previous Animal Crossing games, like Franklin and Jingle.

Turkey Day: Takes place on November 26th, you help Franklin gather ingredients to into dishes displayed in the plaza. You can receive a gift for helping Franklin cook.
Toy Day: Takes place on December 24th, you can deliver Jingle presents and you'll also receive a present.

During December 1st and December 25th you can purchase toys from Nook's Cranny and find holiday-themed clothing at the Able Sisters shop.

New things from the update:
Reactions and Hairstyles, 9 new reactions and 6 new hairstyles.
Home Storage Upgrade: You will be able to upgrade your home for a storage of 2400 slots.
Visit Random Islands in Dreams: Feel like you want to just visit a random island instead of searching for another dream code, now is your chance.
Island and Resident Data Transfers: You will be able to transfer your island and all residents to another device, at least you won't loose everything.
Seasonal Items to Celebrate New Year's Eve: New seasonal items will be available starting on December 1st at the Nook Shop. Between December 26th and December 31st you will be able to purchase several festive items for New Year's Eve.

Don't forget the New Year's Eve count down event!!

- The Dream Codes Team

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